Childrens Foot Problems

Heel Pain (Severs)
  • The most common cause of heel pain in child/teenage athletes between the ages of 7-15.


  • Caused by overuse and repetitive microtrauma of the growth plates of the calcaneus (heel bone).


  • There are a number of contributing factors including foot posture, footwear, activity levels, rapid growth.


  • A Podiatrist is able to assist with determining the cause and issuing an appropriate treatment

Flat Feet
  • Commonly seen in children <4 years of age as this feature of the foot is still developing


  • Often carries on throughout childhood without any symptoms or complaints from the child


  • Much debate over treatment for flat feet in children however generally only requires treatment if the child is symptomatic ie. pain, tripping,


  • Treatments include orthoses, supportive footwear, exercises to develop intrinsic muscles in the feet, padding and strapping


  • Some conditions can cause flat feet, if you have any concerns it always pays to have your children's feet checked by a professional.

Intoeing Gait
  • Primary causes for intoeing generally follow developmental patterns. Most cases resolve with increasing age however some medical conditions may also cause intoeing..


  • Often a family history of the condition


  • As many as 10-30% of children up to age 4-5 may have an intoeing gait, with research indicating that only ~4% of cases fail to resolve into adulthood



  • Treatment is not always required however it is best to have the condition assessed as there are a number of treatments that may assist (gait plates, appropriate footwear, exercises).