Paraffin Wax Foot Bath

For decades wax bath therapy has been used on the foot and ankle for the treatment of pain and skin conditions.


The process involves repeatedly dipping the feet into medical grade paraffin wax, which has been heated to melting temperature. The feet are then wrapped in cloth boots to retain heat and left for 15 minutes to allow the wax to solidify and heat from the wax to penetrate into the feet.



Benefits of Paraffin Wax Treatment:


  • Cleansing and opening pores of the skin

  • Softening hard, cracked skin around the heels

  • Improved circulation by opening of blood vessels

  • Chilblain prevention

  • Arthritic pain relief

  • Helps to increase mobility in the feet

Each session costs $40 and lasts 25-30 minutes. Paraffin wax treatment is covered by Department of Veteran’s Affairs for Gold Card Holders. It is also available through registered Health Funds depending on your level of cover.