Warts (Verruca or Papillomas) 

Warts, verruca or papilloma all refer to the same thing. A contagious skin lesion caused by a virus that may present anywhere on the foot.


Warts are usually contracted after exposure and contact with the virus. This most frequently occurs in moist environments where people tend to walk barefoot including swimming pools, hotel bathrooms and public showers.


The virus may remain viable on a surface many hours after it was initially contaminated.

Warts may often be mistaken for corns and expert assessment is recommended for a clear diagnosis.

Treatment options available from a Podiatrist may include the use of strong acids or cryotherapy. Combination therapy including treatment from a Podiatrist and treatments you can do yourself at home often yield good results.

Early intervention with warts is key as they can easily and rapidly spread to other areas of the feet.


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